Copy for an Equipment Hire Company

We have been in the copy writing business for a good number of years now. We have had the joy and privilege of writing content for quite a number of companies and businesses and it has always been amazing to see changes reflected by the copy we have written. Any content that a company makes available to existing or potential customers will have a direct impact on the performance of that company.

Recently, we were hired to rewrite copy for a dated website owned by an equipment for hire company.The owner of the company said he had hit a plateau and business was slow and down. We scheduled and held the preliminary meetings with the owners to collect all the relevant details we needed to copy write for them. The success of this company is a worthy case study whose success can be replicated in your own business or company.

As a copy writing company, we offer the best professional content writing services available to all our customers. This is the same quality of service that we made available to this equipment hire company.
– Professional content.
The company had coninuously been receiving feedback from its customers that it content was very unprofessional, hard to understand and poorly communicated it’s services and products.As a copy writing company, we wrote professional content that measured to international best practices.  Equipments were often referred to as the model numbers instead of actual categories

– Upto date content.
The company’s website was not up to date and had information that was redundant or overtaken by event. We have realized that when company depend on in house content writers who have other pressing work duties and responsibilities, there is always this challenge of out of date information remaining available on websites. We are as a company committed to make available all the content that our clients require within their deadlines.

We made sure that all the information available on this company’s website was up to date and reflected the company’s current services and products and the correct pricing.  Whilst the onus of listing the services and products, is upto the owner, making them useful for the reader is what a well laid out copy or structure can do

– Budget.
The owner of the company admitted that he had been afraid to engage the services of a professional copy writing company because of the unfortunate misunderstanding that these companies charge very expensively for their services. The owner was honest in his admission that he never thought we could fit the work within the budget.

– Relevant content.
The owners of the company had found themselves caught up in the daily management of the company and lost touch with the market. This was reflected in the kind of content available that was very company oriented as opposed to be customer oriented. As content writing company, we have our ear on the ground and understand intuitively what customers want and how information need to be packaged and presented. The company acknowledged that for the first time, their customers have reported that the company has finally captured their needs and expectations.

-Seo Results.

We are proud to see the revenue of this equipment for hire company increase and business remain consistent. Not only did we deliver relevant content, the fact that some minor tweaks in itself lead to the company being ranked on page 1 for a lot of relevant hire related keywords in his town. Whilst this was not a direct seo related assignment, the fact that we could optimise the content with related long tail keywords meant the site was organically ranking for relevancy.

We can also tailor make copy writing services for your business or company. Give as a call today or get in touch with us.Let us help you to write content that will take your company to the next level.