welcome to music movie calm and today I’m gonna talk about copyright now a lot of artists ask me do I need to copyright

my full album at once with all the songs on it or do I need to copyright each individual song the answer is fairly simple that if you own everything on that album you wrote all the lyrics nobody else co-wrote anything with you nobody else is gonna get any rights to copyright on your album then you can register your whole album as one as one

copyright it’s quick and it’s easy now it changes if you have Co writers that are also wanting a piece of the copyright say your album you wrote four songs and someone else co-wrote four songs with you you will have to have that separate so you can submit a collection of songs that you wrote copyright that and then if it’s co-written by another person you will have to copyright another collection as a song collection of songs that you co-wrote with that artist so it’s got to be separate thing but it’s simple if you pretty much own everything that you recorded on the album

you could just copy write it as one whole album which is very very convenient you can do it on the copyright website now there’s a system that’s called eco ICI oh and you sign up you basically fill out everything you know your name

the album info all that good stuff you also done you’ve got to pay the fee I believe it was like 35 bucks less time I get it so I’m like that and then you upload the files and it’s so simple you could still do it through mail if you want you just download the forms print them send the copy of the album and with the forms and a money order or check and it’s the

same thing but doing it online is so much faster now keep in mind the moment you finish a song or an album or anything like that it’s already protected by copyright law so you don’t even have to really copyright but you should because it holds up better in court obviously but just know the minute you write something you record something you already own that copyright you already do nobody can take that away from you but if you want to protect be protected even further you should file it with the Copyright Office because then if you have to go to court or something there’s no denying when you register that copyright with the Copyright Office so there’s benefits to registering in and you should so

it’s smart to do easy to do quick to do I’ll put the link to the covered website down below now if you want to get more excellent music advice for releasing an album visit w-w-w dot or usik release com it’s a wonderful ebook read it download it read it on anything you have as far as Apple Android computer you could print it read it whatever you want it’s excellent ww your music release calm talks about the steps to releasing an album in four so take advantage and we shall see you soon thank you