ANTONIO NEAL: Hey, this is Antonio Neal with Artistic Soul Entertainment on behalf of Expert Village. Today, we are going to talk about copywriting a song and also publishing the song.

We’re going to talk about performance rights societies and what they do how they operate. As I mentioned earlier, one of the three main performance rights societies are BMI, ASCAP and SESAC. And what they do, they collect money from anything that’s broadcast. Like I say, you get into your car, you listen to music, you’re riding on the highway where there’s BMI, ASCAP and SESAC have technology that’s created to actually to track those songs.

I mean, it’s crazy. This technology that actually have things out there that kinda goes over the songs and kinda count and give a pretty close to accurate estimate of how many time their songs were played and it has all the splits from the writers and everything already in it.

They are very important because billions of dollars are collected each year. And although some songwriters, sometimes, the people that you see out in public, they really rely on this money because you see artists out there and they’re on stage and they drive on their big limos and all like that.

They can afford to have people on their behalf to collect the money. That’s a lot of things what–a lot of times what BMI, ASCAP and SESAC does; they collect this money and pay the songwriters, who are mainly the people that you never see. So, you are a writer of your songs and you believe that your songs will get on the air, or you have some good relationships with artists and there’s a good possibility that your songs are going to be cut one day, or you have friends that are DJs that work with radio stations, make sure you go to bmi.com, ascap.com, or sesac.com and make sure you settle with them. And some of them have a small fee, some of them don’t, but you can go to each of one and once you read about their history, find out which performance rights society is for you because everybody doesn’t want to be with BMI and everybody may not want to be with SESAC.

So, find out which one is tailor-made for you and it doesn’t hurt you because if your song never gets cut, it never gets on the air, then you don’t have anything to worry about. But if it does, they need to find a way to get that income to you and you’re going to be happy about that.