you may have heard that your book is automatically covered by copyright as soon as it’s published or that you can do what’s called the poor man’s copyright and mail a copy of your book to yourself both of

these statements are true just try protecting your rights if someone starts selling it on their own here’s three reasons why you should register one is as a deterrent if people know it’s registered they’re less likely to use it the second

reason is to stop infringement this is a legal issue and we’ll get into that in just a moment and the third reason this is sometimes overlooked as it creates an asset so if it’s copyrighted that is an asset of your business or of your profession in the basics of copyright as we said if a book has been published it is automatically protected but the key is if

you’re going to claim infringement in order to collect damages and attorney fees for your book it has to be registered there’s a period of time that you must have it registered before you take that action if you file it electronically it’s $35 or in writing 65 the expensive part of this comes into play is when you have to expedite that because there has been a perceived

copyright infringement then you pay far higher fees in order to get it registered quickly to register your book you want to visit copyright gov copyright gov really applies to any intellectual property be it a written work music or video files if you’re a filmmaker this information is important but as authors what we want to do is visit the part that’s called copyright basics it’s a 12 page PDF that you can download and read and it explains the whole copyright process in a lot more detail once you’ve read that document and explored the side a little you’ll want to go over to the registration

click on this and this will explain it in current terms it is important to understand how long it takes in order to get this information back if you haven’t registered and you’re having to take legal action and down here it does have a note about current processing times another place to click here is called esio acceptable file types this will explain what are the acceptable file types that you could submit for copyright if you’re not submitting a paper copy and if you’ll go down the page you’ll see under text that they will accept the microsoft word document there’s two formats dlc and dlc x as well as a PDF format and rich text document format is another one that the universal file type and of course there’s WordPerfect in Microsoft Works and txt files so there’s several formats here that you could submit you cannot submit an ePub file or a mobi file so you’ll have to go back to the source document that was used to create your eBook so once you have your file type that you’re going to submit you’re going to want to return to the main screen and click on e co login it’ll explain some security and privacy information and continue on to e co and this is the screen where you will register for a free account with the Copyright Office or use an existing account if you have one and continue on to fill out the information to register your work a membership to linda.com unlocks this entire course and hundreds of others visit linda.com to learn more


for today’s design chat we’re going to be talking about copyright so if you’ve ever used an image that you found in a Google search in a project or downloaded a free font this video is for you

designers sometimes we need to bring assets into our work that we didn’t create ourselves like fonts icons images it’s perfectly acceptable totally legal but only if you choose the right assets just because something is available online for free it doesn’t mean you have the rights to use it in your project this is a guide to making sure you do have the rights to use the images icons and fonts you find on the Internet in your work now I will preface this by saying that I am NOT a lawyer but

this is just my understanding of basic copyright law and this is how I approach it the first thing to do when you find an asset you want to use in your work it’s to love information about the usage rights repository sites will generally have a page that gives you information about this and on sites like Flickr for example the usage rights will be listed by each photograph because the user gets to decide what they are they’re not a site-wide thing when you’re searching for free assets you might sometimes come across things that are marked as being in the public domain like this one here that means that

you can use it for whatever you want you also likely come across a lot of things that use a Creative Commons license now something to watch out for here is that there are many different types of Creative Commons license this one means you can use it for whatever you like as long as you give credit to the creator in your project this one means you can use it if you give credit but you can’t make changes or derivatives of it and this one here means you can use it if you give credit but not

if it’s a commercial project those are just a few of the main ones that I often see that there is a link in the description where you can find out more about them and what all those little symbols mean the type of Creative Commons asset you can use in a project depends on the project if it’s a project for a client or a business or one that you’re going to earn money from you should only use ones that are available for commercial use so none with this symbol here there are much less assets available for commercial use which is understandable so you might want to look into something like stock photography and I did a video all about that giving you some advice on it which you can watch right here you might also want to look into purchasing an icon set or a subscription to an icon site to get those assets please keep in mind though that just because you’re paying money for something that also doesn’t give you the x2 use it for whatever you want for example with fonts there’s a difference between purchasing the rights for a personal use license and a commercial license so read up on the usage rights carefully of the site that you’re getting this asset from and if you’re not sure if it’s not clear ask the site owner ignorance is no excuse to break copyright laws you might be searching for an asset and come across one that doesn’t have any rights information attached to it like on Google perhaps but just because there’s no information they’re readily available to you doesn’t mean you’re allowed to use it in your project you need to know explicitly that you do have the rights to use it but if you do insist on using Google images here’s a handy tip for you if you go into the search tools you can click on usage rights and select the license that you need for your project and then you’ll only see images that have that license and you won’t be tempted by other ones it’s really important to make sure that the work you’re doing is legal for all projects but especially for client projects you don’t want to be responsible for them being in breach of copyright because if they get sued guess what they’re going to pass that cost on to you you wouldn’t want someone else stealing an asset viewed worked hard on so don’t do it to other people and on that note I shouldn’t have to tell you not to copy other people’s work but don’t copy other people’s work there are ways to be inspired without ripping off their piece completely and I think I might do another video on that because it is a whole different topic with that said I hope that you enjoyed this video and that you found it useful please give it a thumbs up if you did if you’ve got any questions for me please leave them in the comments and I’ll answer as best I can but please remember also like I said I’m not a lawyer so this is just all from information that I’ve found online and being taught in design school if you were new to my channel hello welcome please stick around I make new videos about design style and DIY projects every Saturday and vlogs about my life here in London every Tuesday so hit subscribe if you want to see more from me and I will see you in the next one bye you


thank you for watching liking commenting sharing and subscribing right now you gotta fight for your right to come be or not be copied when you copyright your material got an email today from Joseph de Fazio he says hey Chris I just wanted to share a cool resource with you this is the cool resource that happens to be on my screen right now anyone to share

it with the rest the community I thought it was certainly useful enough it’s called my free copyright available here my free copyright calm May he says basically it creates a copy of your content website music a book etc with a date a Creative Commons license etc it also accepts RSS feeds so all your new posts are automatically copy written to if someone copies

your work you can use this as proof that you are the original creator of that work he says that his website Joseph DeFazio was recently copied and the proof that my free copyrights applied helped him get that other person’s site shut down so yes you should certainly attribute your works with some kind of creative commons license but

you’re looking for a simple way of copywriting your material I would say this might be it says step one you connect your computer to this website which is easy to do go to my free copyright calm then your recent creation is uploaded and then the digital fingerprint of the original creation is captured and then it’s registered and protected that’s pretty much all

you need to do right there oh and by the way as the domain implies it’s free my free copyright com if you are creating content and you want to make sure that nobody else could use that content you know without your permission or however you set up your Creative Commons license well then you might as well copyright it myself I’m not terribly worried about it because a lot of the content that I create includes me and or links to where I want to have people come to to find me so

I don’t mind when people record the videos outtakes you know whatever and upload them to YouTube because there’s the whole tracker thing that YouTube has I’d you know just just doesn’t you know bother me that much that’s just me everybody’s different of course you know I I do appreciate that if someone does use something that I’ve created that I get credit that’s really all I ask for it’s it’s not that difficult um no one I I would assume would make money off of my stuff without at least you know cutting me in on the deal I don’t mind that they make money if I’m cut it it’s all good you know we’re making we’re all making money you know I’m all about that and I’m all about the my free copy right calm

Thank You Joseph for sending this along good to see that it worked for you now you out there watching this particular video may also have a resource to pass along to the rest of the community my email address Chris at Perillo com it is not copy written but then again only I can receive the emails that go to that email address we’ve got our community of tech enthusiasts at geeks Perillo comm then we also have this chat room right here as a part of this live video feed going out over the web 24 hours a day 7 days a week typically talking tech at live Perillo calm Willy later

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